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Mummy and Me

Mummy & Me mum and baby classes are in English. They are designed to help you – a non-German-speaking mum – navigate and enjoy parenthood here in Germany. Having a baby can be daunting enough in your home country. Add in the extra challenges of a language you don’t speak, the lack of family close by, and a culture you may not be familiar with, and you probably feel like you could do with some support. Which is exactly why we run these classes!

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you are welcome to come along with your baby, so that you and your baby can meet others in the same situation. Our English-speaking mum and baby groups guide you through the various stages of early parenthood, provide inspiration for fun, stimulating activities you can do with your little one, offer advice on challenges you may be facing, and provide invaluable information about life as a parent in Germany.

We start by hearing how your week has been. Knowing that others are facing the same challenges and sharing ideas for how to cope with them will give you a huge boost. 

We explore an area of Germany relevant to parenthood. This could be paediatricians, vaccinations and check-ups, or the childcare options available, or how and where to find activities for you and your family. Your questions are always welcome.

And we look at an area of parenthood, for example sleep, feeding, bathing, weaning. Our course leader shares some information, gives the German perspective, and then we discuss your experiences. The aim of the class is not to tell you what you must do. It’s to help everyone find the path that is right for them and their family.

And of course we make sure the babies have a good time, too. We do a variety of age-appropriate activities with the little ones – sensory activities, games to promote motor skills, or even a simple craft activity with the older babies. We also learn some lovely German rhymes and songs.

The classes are run by QEKK-trained bilingual English mum of two, Clare, who has been living in Germany for over 20 years and understands the challenges of being a mum abroad and as well as understanding how Germany works.


You are welcome to join a course that has already started if there is a free place. Contact our office or sign up online. You only pay for the remaining weeks of that course block.


courses Mummy and Me - for mums with babies aged 1 - 6 months

Wednesday, from 06.09.2023, 11:00 am to 12:15 pm


7 meetings à 75 minutes
location Schulstraße 27a, 61440 Oberursel 
courses fee 92 € for members (20 % reduction)
115 € for all others
number of participants

8 mums with babies

dates 06.09.2023 13.09.2023 20.09.2023 27.09.2023 04.10.2023
11.10.2023 18.10.2023        

For this courses, we have a registration by guestoo.

courses Mummy and Me - for mums with babies aged 7 - 12 months

Friday, from 15.09.2023, 9:15 am to 10:30 am


5 meetings à 75 minutes
location Schulstraße 27a, 61440 Oberursel 
courses fee 65 € for members (20 % reduction)
82 € for all others
number of participants

8 mums with babies

dates 15.09.2023 22.09.2023 29.09.2023 06.10.2023 20.10.2023

For this courses, we have a registration by guestoo.


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